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Our current mission is the completion of Elizabeth's Trail and to fund raise for a variety of projects, educational and recreational. Most importantly a legal defense fund is needed to protect our sanctuary areas from adjacent logging by the Mendocino Redwood Company.

Gabe, Bernie, and Gary
access the damage after LP spitefully cut down three old growth redwoods in Ravens' Call 1992
photo by Nic Wilson


1. 1989 Declaration of zoologist, Dr. Donald Hemphill.PHD

2. How Ravens' Call Got it's name

3. How the Sanctuaries came to be/Litigation history

4. The S.L.A.P.P. suit

5. Truncated Time Line
1989 thru 2014



1. Dead Man's Haul Road Slide Photos

2. Margaret Macdonald's commentary re: slides


Your contribution insures protection for plants, forest, wetland and aquatic dwellers and
provides for costs related to the creation of GREENPATH, a gentle foot trail.



Mail your contribution, which is tax deductible to:
Friends of Enchanted Meadow / P.O. Box 271 - Little River, CA 95456

To contact us by email:

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