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In 1987, Louisiana Pacific LP constructed a new road above the area known today as the ACC; called Deadman’s Haul Road, it was built on unstable, steep slopes on soils too moist. It is in a constant state of failure year round.

In 1998, after heavy March rains seven significant slides occurred on this road. Four slides were located on steep slopes above Enchanted Meadow Wetlands Sanctuary west of Half Moon Trestle and three additional slides above the ACC also had devastating impacts.

When massive amounts of wet earth slide down the forest slopes it dislodges trees, they become uprooted and fall victim to the momentum of crashing, sliding earth. Springs get buried and the creek becomes clogged with sediment, severely impacting fish habitat.

Mendocino Redwood Company MRC owns the forestlands surrounding all three sanctuaries. MRC purchased these forests in 1998 from LP and have not reinforced these areas to prevent future slides.

In April, 2002, MRC's THP 1-01-033 to log the western half of Deadman's Gulch was approved by the California Department of Forestry. This gulch is a beautiful forest still in the healing process from the first cut circa 150 years ago. Here stands an old growth and mature second generation forest of Redwood and Fir. To cut this area would cause irreparable harm to the entire eco-system.

The heart of the gulch is the creek. The creek pumps the lifeblood: the water, the connecting thread that ties these unique systems of nature together. Upslope forest to riparian forest to wetland meadow to estuarine river, to ocean, all connects to become one.

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 Your generosity will insure habitat protection and enhance quality of life for
 the Northern Spotted Owl, a federally listed Threatened species. Thank you.



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