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How Ravens' Call got its Name

Fall of 1991, the appeals court lifted the protective logging stay obtained from the
1989 ARWPA suit, allowing LP to clearcut the forest!

A friend decided to hike down to the Albion River after hearing the bad news. Beneath the forest canopy she heard the raucous sounds of many ravens squawking…

Intrigued she meandered in the direction of their call arriving at the bottom of a steep, heavily forested ravine, not a raven was seen, but instead she found a magnificent stand of old growth redwoods!

These big trees were not revealed in the timber harvest plan THP 1-89-145 and scheduled for clearcut. Once their presence was known many local people were inspired and galvanized to defend this forest.

after finding this hidden grove, it was named "Ravens' Call" because the raven's calling led to the discovery of old growth.

  Raven's Call

Your contribution insures protection for plants, forest, wetland and aquatic dwellers and
provides for costs related to the creation of GREENPATH, a gentle foot trail.



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