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Ravens' Call
is a wildlife and forest sanctuary. It was rezoned from Timber Production to Open Space
transferred to Friends of Enchanted Meadow on 12/31/08 resulting from court settlement
#64726 Lousianna Pacific vs
Friends of Enchanted Meadow, et al.

In 1989, the forest known today as Ravens' Call was spared clearcutting, by the initial environmental lawsuit filed by Little River neighbors again
st the California Department of Forestry & Lousianna Pacific. 129 acres of mature forest in Slaughterhouse, Deadman's and Kaisen Gulches on the Albion River's north side were saved from clearcutting.

Old growth redwoods in Ravens' Call



Ravens' Call is a mature up-slope forested ravine within Deadman's Gulch east side, leveling out to ridge top transitional pygmy forest at the northern corner. It's 25 acres in size with mixed stands of multi-aged redwood, fir and tan oak. A small subterranean stream, T'ocha Creek flows south through the center and feeds into Deadman's Creek at the Albert Cattalini Conservancy's northeast corner.

Ravens' Call has been home to the Osprey, the Spotted Owl, numerous tree sitters, and quite possibly the elusive Marbled Murrelet.

Maggie chillin' in Ravens' Call

GREENPATH, a gentle foot trail made with hand tools only is currently underway in Ravens' Call.

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Your generosity will protect the nesting habitat and enhance quality of life for
the Osprey, also called sea eagles, a California listed Sensitive species. Thank you.



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