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Railroad Gulch's tributaries meander through wetlands and feed into estuarine river waters.Bobcat point
Albion River curving around Bobcat Point along Enchanted Meadow's northern banks.


The tidal influence on the Albion River stretches four to five miles east from its mouth at the Pacific Ocean.

Enchanted Meadow Wetlands Sanctuary EMWS borders the upper reaches of this estuary,
approximately fifty two acres in size.

The high and low tides of the river effects the depth of the creek and its channels as it flows through the spongy wetlands and releases into the Albion River.

Sensitive wetland meadows with streams provide valuable habitat for fisheries, waterfowl, organic detritus and invertebrate food production. Wetland meadows aid in sediment control as well pesticide and herbicide buffers.


Low Tide at Half Moon Trestle


The eelgrass (Zostera Marina) beds occurring in the EMWS are some of the largest in the state of California, and their preservation greatly benefits the ecology of the Albion River.   These wetlands are particularly beautiful. On extreme high tide days and during heavy winter rains; they become submerged. EMWS is a fascinating environment of grasses, marshes, mudflats, channels and swamps. A variety of wildflowers, plants, evergreen and deciduous trees border the edges where wetland transforms to redwood forest.

Your generosity will insure habitat protection and enhance quality of life for
the Great Blue Heron, a California listed Sensitive species.  Thank you.

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