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GREENLINK - the Albert Cattalini Conservancy
was purchased by FOEM from the Mendocino Redwood Company on May 27, 2014,
resulting from 1997 court settlement case #64726 Louisiana Pacific vs FOEM.


A SPECIAL THANKS to our Kind One, and to individuals, community volunteers, businesses, organizations and the family of Albert Cattalini who gave either financially or through time and talent to achieve this goal of increased sanctuary habitat on the Albion River.


The Albert Cattalini Conservancy is a GREENLINK corridor joining Raven's Call and the Enchanted Meadow Wetlands Sanctuary.

The Albert Cattalini Conservancy ACC is unique in its relationship to the Albion River's Enchanted Meadow Wetlands Sanctuary and Ravens' Call. Sandwiched between Ravens' Call and Half Moon Trestle, it provides a natural transition from wetland to shaded up slope forest sanctuary, Ravens' Call & adjacent Deadman's Gulch.

Deadman's Creek flows strongly all year through Deadman's Gulch, the ACC and into the adjacent wetlands at Half Moon Trestle. Subterranean T'ocha Creek, springs from Ravens' Call south into Deadman's Creek at the ACC's northeast corner. The ACC is a ten acre riparian corridor 300 feet wide, lush with aquatic plants, grasses, ferns, thimble berries and wild ginger. Near the wetlands Alder trees grow thickly along the creek. Moving upstream mature Redwood and Fir dominate the remaining corridor.

Historical remnants of the logging heyday are seen in the photo at right. Weathered, wooden posts once supporting the train trestle at Deadman's Curve, they remain and stand as a silent reminder to the past.

Today we have adopted Dr. Donald Hemphill's usage in referencing this place, Half Moon Trestle.  Dr. Hemphill was a zoologist who studied this area for over forty years and his declaration to the Court in 1989 was instrumental in stopping the clear cutting and destruction of the Enchanted Meadow environs.

Alber Cattalini Conservancy

Half Moon Trestle


Red Legged Frog

GREENLINK is home to Federal and State listed Threatened, Endangered, Sensitive and Species of Special Concern wildlife:

Great Blue Heron, Osprey, California Red Legged Frog, Purple Martin, Northern Spotted Owl, 
     California Red Tree Vole and
Co ho Salmon reside in the Enchanted Meadow environs.

Your contribution insures protection for plants, forest, wetland and aquatic dwellers and
provides for costs related to the creation of GREENPATH, a gentle foot trail.


Your generosity will provide protection of the California Red Legged Frog,
a federally listed Threatened species.

Thank you.

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Friends of Enchanted Meadow / P.O. Box 271 - Little River, CA 95456

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