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CONTEST – Twenty questions Celebrating Twenty Years – QUIZ #2

The quiz below was a second in a series. Congratulations to Fort Bragg acupuncturist, Karleen Tsai, MSTCM for earning the highest score. Prizes were generously donated by the Mendocino Cafe, the Mendocino Hotel, the Moose Cafe and the Mac Callum House.  Thanks to these local businesses for their support and
thanks to all who played QUIZ # 2.

Twenty Questions Celebrating Twenty Years – QUIZ #2

1. California listed near threatened species,
the red tree vole, prefers which arboreal digs?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. redwood tree ( ) b. fir tree ( ) d. yew tree

2. Namesake of the sanctuary we are fundraising to purchase,
Albert Cattalini, served in what branch of service during WWII?

Branch of service:

3. The northern tip of Ravens' Call is transitional pygmy forest,
what other country has this type forest? (fill in with an X)

( ) a. Siberia, Russia ( ) b. the nation known as Albion ( ) c. Cameroon, equatorial Africa

4. Which aquatic grass grows most along the banks of the Albion River than other areas in California? (fill in with an X)

( ) a. Zostera Marina ( ) b. Pia Zadora ( ) c. Sativa Glamora

5. What was the name of the first lumber ship to leave Albion Harbor
and what port was it’s destination?






6. Name three grassroots organizations (1.a, 2.a, and 3.a)
involved in the Enchanted Meadow enviro- lawsuits & related acronyms.

1. a



b. b. b.

7. What Chinese Dragon year did storms wash out the bridge
at J Road in Albion to Macdonald's Landing in Little River, near Lone Tree Island?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. 1928
( ) b. 1940
( ) c. 1952
( ) d. 1964

8. LP's attorney, John Behnke, devised a troublesome SLAPP Settlement document because
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. it did not conform to Mendocino County zoning laws.

( ) b. it required a lengthy rezone amendment process and approval from state agencies.

( ) c. it was ambiguously written, and designed to default in favor of LP's interests.

( ) d. all the above and more...

9. A climax forest is
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. a parking spot in the woods ( ) b. a ridge line forest, at least 3000' above confluent water systems. ( ) c. one which cannot be replaced by another sort unless axe or fire violently intervene.

10. The local Pomo natives are regarded as the finest basket weavers in the world, however the largest collection of their vintage baskets were taken, most by force to what country?


11. List 3 CA agency acronyms used during the Enchanted Meadow lawsuits

1. 2. 3.

12. The two musicians pictured @ EM at a May Day picnic are also known as:
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Banjo Grandma and Little Tree ( ) b. Star Gazer and Pippin ( ) c. Mother Teresa and Sister Sledge

13. What type of mushroom is depicted as the ACC’s logo?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Psilocybe cubensis ( ) b. Aleuria aurantia ( ) c. Cantharellus cibarius ( ) d. Coprinus comatus

14. Where is T’ocha Creek located, what larger creek does it confluent, and at what sanctuary?




15. Deadman’s Gulch derives it name from what type of accident?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Widow maker ( ) b. train incident ( ) c. boat incident

16. What does the ectopia Earth First! direct action tactic of SPIDER WEBBING entail?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Webbing the logging roads and trails with yarn to delay and frustrate loggers

( ) b. Wire webbing below tree platforms to protect tree sitters from intruders.

( ) c. Ensnaring logging graders and tractors with large fishing nets, webbed tight to, deter access.

17. The frigate Constitution was first asea in 1798,
her White Pine masts were replaced in 1925 with
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Coast Redwood ( ) b. Douglas Fir ( ) c. Western Yellow Pine ( ) d. Catalina Ironwood

18. What is the most recent butterfly to go extinct on the Mendocino Coast in Little River?


19. What herb growing in the Enchanted Meadow sanctuary region
is world renown for aiding digestion?


20. The Purple Martin, a California listed species of special concern, is
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. one of the largest members of the swallow family. ( ) b. a weasel-like, semi-aquatic freshwater mammal ( ) c. a woodland butterfly, preferring climax forest habitat

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