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CONTEST – Twenty questions Celebrating Twenty Years – QUIZ #1

The quiz below was a first in a series. Kay Rudin, Westport artist and musician submitted the highest number of correct answers and won a $50.00 gift certificate to the Albion Grocery, donated by owners Deborah and Doug Hendricks.

Don Strauss, New Yawka, and former Mendonesian Thespian, scored highest on Quiz # 1's reincarnation this spring, 2013. Don won twenty entries towards the Remembrance Tree Drawing. Congratulations!

Many answers are found in this website or through public research, talking to someone who was there or guessing. Email your answers to by clicking on contact or print out & mail to FOEM - P.O. Box 271 - Little River CA 95456. Have fun with the quiz!


Twenty Questions Celebrating Twenty Years

1. Where is Enchanted Meadow Located? (fill in with an X)

( ) a. south of the Trees of Mystery ( ) b. north of Neverland ( ) c. east of the Little River Airport ( ) d. west of Tom Bell Flat ( ) e. all the above

2. What did the Native Americans call the Albion River?

Name: Meaning:

3. Name three towns located closest to the Albion River.

1. 2. 3.

4. What does THP mean? (fill in with an X)

( ) a. technical-habitat-property ( ) b. tan oak-hemlock-pot ( ) c. timber-harvest-plan

5. What holiday in 1986 did Louisiana Pacific Corporation
purchase thousands of forested "Albion tract" acres? (fill in with an X)

( ) a. Arbor Day ( ) b. Halloween ( ) c. Labor Day

6. The majestic coastal redwoods scientific name, Sequoia Sempervirens

is named after whom?

of what affiliation is this person?

7. What coastal woman's unseen presence in Ravens' Call
forced the loggers to stop felling old growth?


8. List the endangered species that live in the Enchanted Meadow habitat.



9. What was one of the nicknames of Slaughterhouse Road during the 1992 uprising?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Handcuff Alley ( ) b. Paddy Wagon Way ( ) c. Slaughter Tree Road

10. Spell out S.L.A.P.P.


11. What CA governor appointed two of Louisiana Pacific's corporate-zealot attorneys to judgeship?


12. Earth First! activist Judi Bari directed (fill in with an X)

( ) a. the Anarchist's Alchemya-Comedia Revue ( ) b. the Meetings From Hell ( ) c. the Albion Flotilla

13. Name two amphibious CA Enchanted Meadow denizens that are either listed
as threatened and/or a species of special concern.

1. 2.

14. Al Cattalini was a weekly columnist for what newspaper?


15. Name three treesitters during the 1992 uprising at Enchanted Meadow.

1. 2. 3.

16. What congressional candidate on the Presidential Primary Election ballot of 6/5/12, in Mendocino County advocated forest sanctuary in the mid to late 1980’s?


17. One whose 1989 court declaration identified wildlife species of concern
living at Enchanted Meadow. (fill in with an X)

( ) a. Don Hemphill ( ) b. Don Hempstead ( ) c. Rae Dawn

18. What three significant events happened with FOEM in 1997?




19. What Earth First! protester attached himself to the undercarriage of a logging truck?
(fill in with an X)

( ) a. Chief Joseph ( ) b. Axel Foley ( ) c. Lockdown Steve

20. The Albert Cattalini Conservancy, when purchased links to what other sanctuaries?





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