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Friends of Enchanted Meadow is a CA 501c3 formed in 2002.  
Our history of environmental litigation to stop clear cutting and protect endangered wildlife began in 1989
and continued throughout the nineties. This work is protecting forest ecosystems adjacent
to the Albion River in Mendocino County, and has deemed the public's voice mandatory
in the state governed Timber Harvest Plan process.

South towards Railroad Gulch
Without FOEM's protection The Enchanted Meadow wetlands ecosystem would have been destroyed.

FOEM founded, owns and stewards the Enchanted Meadow Wetlands Sanctuary and protected areas  
Ravens' Call and the Albert Cattalini Conservancy.  
Our current mission is the completion of Elizabeth's Trail and to fund raise for a variety of projects, educational and recreational. Most importantly a legal defense fund is needed to protect our sanctuary areas from adjacent logging by the Mendocino Redwood Company.

a forest is the Christmas tree

The Enchanted Meadow Wetlands Sanctuary, Ravens' Call and the
Albert Cattalini Conservancy
are home to Federal and State listed Threatened, Endangered, Sensitive and Species of Special Concern wildlife: 

Great Blue Heron, Osprey, California Red Legged Frog, Purple Martin, Northern Spotted Owl, 
     Olympic Salamander, California Red Tree Vole and Coho Salmon reside in the Enchanted Meadow environs. 


Your contribution insures protection for plants, forest, wetland and aquatic dwellers and
provides for costs related to the creation of GREENPATH, a gentle foot trail.

To contribute click the Donate button below.
Proceeds of this fundraiser will be used to complete Elizabeth's Trail
and Fund operating expenses related to all three sanctuaries.


Mail your contribution, which is tax deductible to:
Friends of Enchanted Meadow / P.O. Box 271 - Little River, CA 95456

To contact us by email:

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